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Patient Advisory Council


Help Us Improve Our Care: Join the Patient Advisory Council

Our Patient Advisory Council involves members of the community in our initiatives to ensure patients and families are true partners in primary care. We are committed to collaborating with patients and families to plan and deliver safe, high-quality healthcare services.

The purpose of the council is to:

  • Engage with you as a partner to ensure our programs are patient-centred.
  • Include your perspective on patient safety, quality improvement, and all our other projects.
  • Gather your input on the Patient’s Medical Home model of care and how to help people navigate the larger healthcare system.

Joining the council is your opportunity to make a difference for patients and families throughout our region.

What is a Patient Advisor?

A patient advisor is someone who wants to help us improve the quality of our care for all patients. They share feedback based on their own experiences and help us understand how to change for the better. By partnering with us, they provide important insights into our programs, plans, and projects.

The Patient Advisory Council is a dedicated group of volunteers who bring a richness of diversity with respect to their identity, background, culture, health service-related experiences, skills, and abilities to their role as patient advisors. The purpose of the council is to integrate patient and family perspectives into our programs and projects, ensuring all initiatives affecting patients and aspects of their care meet people’s needs.

Why Should You Become an Advisor?

This is your chance to help us improve our care for you, your family, and your community and give patients a voice in the process.

What is Your Commitment as an Advisor?

You would commit to meet virtually with PCN personnel and other community members on a quarterly basis for a two-year term. The meetings will be held on weekday evenings and run for 60 – 90 minutes; additional time may be required to prepare ahead of the meetings. Over time, the frequency of meetings may change and opportunities to join new projects could arise.

Join Us!

If you have ideas to help improve our PCN, we want to hear from you.

To apply, please submit your application via email to the Patient Advisory Council. Only submissions with a letter of intent (maximum 750 words) stating why you would be a good fit on the Patient Advisory Council will be considered. A clear criminal background from the province you have resided in for the past 12 months will also be required to be eligible for this position.

We thank all applicants for their interest; however, only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.

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